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  The Four Loves  by C.S.Lewis. Lewis points out the difference between "gift love" and "need love," a difference on display in the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18: 9-17), which was the sermon text. The Pharisee comes to God with "gift love" and the tax collector with "need love," and Jesus points out the tax collector is the one who went home justified. Writes Lewis: "It would be a bold and silly creature that came before its Creator with the boast 'I am no beggar.'" From one beggar to another: may we not be silly and bold! Lord, help all of us "see" just how deep our need is for a Savior. You know what I am going to say next! A copy of  The Four Loves  is in our church library (back wall, 2nd column from the right, 4th shelf down, conveniently located on the very end of the row). It is a short book, 141 pages, paperback. I also have two copies of my own if anyone would like to borrow.  

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